Where Can I Sell My Bearded Dragon?

Looking to sell your bearded dragon? Here are some of the best places to do it!

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Whether you’re moving and can’t take your pet with you, or you’ve simply decided that you no longer want to care for a bearded dragon, you may be wondering where to sell your bearded dragon. If you have a healthy, friendly pet that is well-cared for, you should have no trouble finding a new owner. Here are some tips on how to sell your bearded dragon.

Why Sell a Bearded Dragon?

There can be many reasons for wanting to sell a Beardie. Perhaps you’re moving and can’t take your reptile friends with you. Maybe you’re downsizing your collection, or looking to trade up for a larger or more exotic species. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself needing to sell a Bearded Dragon there are a few things you should keep in mind.

One of the most important things to remember is that Bearded Dragons are living creatures, not inanimate objects, and as such they deserve to be treated with care and respect throughout their lives – even after they leave your home. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to find good homes for your Beardies, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur when selling reptiles.

When to Sell a Bearded Dragon

There are a variety of reasons you may need or want to sell your bearded dragon. You may have decided that you no longer want to care for a reptile, or your circumstances may have changed and you can no longer provide proper care. Perhaps you bought a juvenile lizard and it has now grown too large. Whatever the reason, if you need to sell your bearded dragon there are some things you should keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that bearded dragons are living creatures and should not be treated as commodities. It is best to find a home for your pet where it will be well cared for and loved. With that said, there are some things you should consider before selling your pet.

The first thing to think about is whether or not you have the time to properly take care of your bearded dragon until you find a new owner. Bearded dragons can live up to 20 years in captivity, so if you cannot commit to taking care of your pet for the long haul, it may be best to find a new home sooner rather than later.

It is also important to consider the financial implications of selling your bearded dragon. If you paid a lot of money for your pet, or if you have invested in expensive cages or other supplies, you may not recoup all of your costs by selling your pet. On the other hand, if you took good care of your bearded dragon and bought him or her from a reputable breeder, you may be able to sell him or her for more than what you paid.

Finally, when setting a price for your bearded dragon, be sure to research the going rate for similar animals in your area. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short. A good rule of thumb is to ask for half of what you paid for your pet, but be willing to negotiate based on the condition of your animal and any supplies that are included in the sale.

How to Sell a Bearded Dragon

When you bring a new bearded dragon home, it’s hard to think about anything other than how amazing they are. But eventually, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your beloved pet.

There are many reasons why someone might need to sell their bearded dragon. Maybe you’re moving and can’t take them with you, or maybe you simply can’t afford to keep them anymore. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that you find a good home for your bearded dragon.

Here are a few tips on how to sell a bearded dragon:

1. Start by asking your friends and family if they know anyone who might be interested in buying a bearded dragon. This is often the best way to find a good home for your pet, as you can be sure that the person is serious about taking care of them.

2. If you can’t find anyone you know who wants to buy your bearded dragon, try posting an ad online. There are many websites where you can list animals for sale, such as Craigslist or eBay Classifieds.

3. When meeting with potential buyers, be sure to ask plenty of questions about their experience with reptiles and their plans for taking care of your pet. You should also make sure that they are aware of the commitment required to take care of a bearded dragon properly.

4. Be honest about why you are selling your bearded dragon. If there are any health issues or behavioral problems, be sure to mention them so that the new owner is aware of what they’re getting into.

5. Be prepared to negotiate on the price. Bearded dragons typically sell for anywhere between $50 and $200, but the exact price will depend on factors such as age, size, and gender.

Selling a bearded dragon can be difficult, but it’s important to find them a good home where they will be loved and well-cared for. With a little effort, you should be able to find the perfect buyer for your beloved pet!

Who Buys Bearded Dragons?

If you’re considering selling your bearded dragon, there are a few things you need to know first. For starters, it’s important to find a reputable buyer who is willing to give you a fair price for your pet. There are a few different options available to you, so be sure to do your research before making a decision.

One option is to sell your bearded dragon to a pet store. This is usually the easiest option, as most pet stores are always in need of new reptiles. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you likely won’t get top dollar for your pet this way. Another option is to sell your bearded dragon online. This is a eat way to reach a larger audience and get a higher price for your reptile. However, it’s important to be careful when selling online, as there are many scams out there.

If you’re looking for the best possible price for your bearded dragon, you may want to consider selling to a private buyer. There are many Reptile enthusiasts who would love to add another beardie to their collection. The downside of this option is that it can be difficult to find a reputable buyer. However, if you do some research and use caution, you should be able to find a safe and trustworthy private buyer for your beloved reptile.

How Much do Bearded Dragons Sell For?

As with any pet, there are a number of things you need to take into account when considering how much to sell your bearded dragon for. The first is the initial purchase price; depending on where you bought your dragon and what type it is, this can range from $20 to $250. If you have taken good care of your dragon, it is likely that it will have increased in value over time.

The second factor to consider is the cost of food and supplies. Bearded dragons are not cheap to keep; a good quality diet can cost around $50 per month, and you will also need to factor in the cost of a terrarium supplies, and veterinary care.

The third factor is your time investment. If you have spent a lot of time caring for your dragon and interacting with it, this should be taken into account when setting a price.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the average price for a well-cared-for bearded dragon is between $100 and $200.

Where to Sell a Bearded Dragon

There are many places to sell a bearded dragon. Some common places include Petco, Petsmart, Craigslist, and eBay.

Online Bearded Dragon Sales

There are many options available for those looking to purchase a bearded dragon. Online bearded dragon sales have become increasingly popular in recent years, as the reptiles have grown in popularity as pets. There are a number of advantages to buying a bearded dragon online, including the ability to choose from a wide selection of reptiles, the convenience of having the reptile shipped directly to your home, and the ability to find good deals on bearded dragons. However, there are also a few disadvantages to buying bearded dragons online, such as the possibility of receiving a sick or injured reptile, and the fact that you will not be able to see the reptile in person before making your purchase.

Bearded Dragon Breeders

Are you looking for a reputable bearded dragon breeder? Below is a list of bearded dragon breeders that we recommend.

-The Bearded Dragon Ranch
-Desert Canyon Dragons
-Pogona Haven
-Bearded Dragons byF D

These breeders have a reputation for being reliable and producing high-quality bearded dragons. They also have a wide selection of bearded dragons, so you are sure to find the perfect one for you.


There are many options available for selling your bearded dragon. You can list them for sale online, in classified ads, or at reptile shows. You can also work with a reptile broker to find a buyer. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before deciding how to sell your bearded dragon.

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