How To Make A Bearded Dragon Leash?

Have you ever wanted to take your bearded dragon for a walk? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a bearded dragon leash!

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A leash is not only a eat way to take your bearded dragon for a walk, but it can also be used as a safety measure. If your bearded dragon gets loose, a leash will help you keep track of them and prevent them from getting lost or hurt. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a bearded dragon leash.

1) Measure the length of your beardie. To do this, use a measuring tape or ruler to measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This will be the length of your leash.

2) Cut two pieces of string or yarn that are the same length as your beardie’s measurement.

3) Tie one end of each string around each of your beardie’s front legs, just above the elbow joint.

4) Tie the other end of the strings together in a knot, making sure that the knot is tight and secure.

5) Attach a clip or carabiner to the end of the string that is not knotted. This will be used to attach the leash to your belt loop or pants pocket.

6) Give your beardie some time to adjust to wearing a leash. Start by letting them wear it for short periods of time (a few minutes at first), and gradually increase the amount of time they wear it as they get more used to it.

What You’ll Need

-1/4 inch wide, 3-foot long leather leash
-3/4 inch wide, 3-foot long leather leash
-1 1/2 inch wide, 3-foot long leather leash
-Good quality bungee cord
-Alligator clips or carabiners (Optional)

1. To make a basic three-foot long lead, you will need a one and a half foot piece of wide leather, and a three foot piece of narrow leather. youths between the two pieces of leather. If you’re using lighter weight materials, you may be able to get away with only having to sew one side. If you’re using thicker materials like bridle leather, you’ll need to sew both sides.
2. Once the stitching is complete, use your lighter to carefully singe the end of the lead where you stitched it closed. This will help to keep the end from fraying over time. Be very careful not to catch the body of the lead on fire!
3. If desired, you can add an alligator clip or carabiner to each end of the lead for added security.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need the following supplies to make your own bearded dragon leash:

– A length of nylon rope, about 6 feet long
– A strong clip, like a carabiner
– A light-weight harness, made for small animals
– A bearded dragon that is comfortable being handled!

Step 2: Attach the Clip to the Harness
Using a pair of pliers, attach the clip to one of the rings on the harness. Make sure that the clip is securely fastened and that there is no risk of it coming undone.

Step 3: Thread the Rope through the Harness
Thread the rope through the other ring on the harness, making sure that it is securely fastened. You may need to use a bit of force to get the rope through, but be careful not to break the ring.

Step 4: Tie a Knot in the Rope
Tie a knot in the rope about 4 inches from the end, making sure that it is tight and secure. This will keep your bearded dragon from sliding off of the leash.

Step 2: Cut The Rope

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to get started on making your bearded dragon leash! The first step is to cut the rope to the desired length. You’ll want to leave enough slack so that your dragon can move around comfortably, but not so much that he can escape easily. A good rule of thumb is to measure the length of your arm from shoulder to elbow, and then add a few inches. Once you have your length figured out, use a sharp knife or scissors to make a clean cut.

Step 3: Attach The Carabiner

Now that you have your leash, you need to attach it to your bearded dragon. The best way to do this is with a carabiner. A carabiner is a small metal clip that is used to attach things together. You can find carabiners at most hardware stores.

Once you have your carabiner, simply attach it to the leash and then clip it onto your bearded dragon’s collar. Now your bearded dragon is safe and secure on his leash!

Step 4: Put It On Your Dragon

Now that you have a harness, it’s time to put it on your dragon! You’ll want to do this in a calm environment, and make sure your dragon is not feeling stressed. Follow these steps to put the harness on your dragon:

1. Place the harness on the ground in front of your dragon.
2. Call your dragon over to you, and if necessary, hold them lightly in place.
3. Put the harness on your dragon, starting at the neck and working your way down.
4. Adjust the harness so that it fits snugly but is not too tight.
5. Clip the leash onto the harness, and you’re ready to go!

Step 5: Go For A Walk!

Now that you have your bearded dragon leash all set up, it’s time to go for a walk! Put the harness on your dragon and hold onto the leash. Start walking around your home or yard, letting your dragon explore. If your dragon gets scared or wants to go back inside, that’s OK! Just turn around and head back home. Bearded dragons are great explorers, but they can also get overwhelmed – so take things slow at first. Once your dragon gets used to wearing the harness and being outside, you can start taking longer walks, exploring different areas, and even going on hikes!


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Further Reading

If you’re still interested in learning more about how to make a bearded dragon leash, there are plenty of resources available online and in pet stores. With a little research, you should be able to find everything you need to know about choosing the right materials and setting up your lizard for walks in the sun.


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Making a bearded dragon leash is a great way to take your pet reptile for a walk without having to worry about it getting away from you. By following a few simple steps, you can create a safe and sturdy leash that will allow you to enjoy quality time with your pet while keeping both of you safe.

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